Saturday, November 28, 2009



  1. Of all your great drawings I've followed on Yahoo, this one is my all-time favorite. He looks so strong and manly, but has very kind eyes.

    Are these all based on real men? Do they pose for you or are these based on media photos?

  2. Thanks so much...always been one of my favorite drawings too. One of the A3 size/more detailed ones that take soooo long to complete, but are very satisfying to draw. I use a lot of reference photos, but a few drawings have been of people i know (not so much on the spot posing or anything, i have a pretty good memory for certain measurements hehe). Or sometimes I'll see an attractive guy just walking down the street and he'll most probably make an appearance in the next drawing or so. Usually it's one of these three or a little bit of all.

  3. Damn, damn, damn! This brother is so fucking sexy! I wish there was a button on my computer that could turn him into living, breathing, human form - mmmmm!